About cbhayes2010

I am and artist and have been painting since 1993. I started painting at the Bob Ross art workshop and gallery at New Smyrna Beach, FL. I studied there for about a year and them my husband and I moved back home in GA. I am still learning by watching other artists and reading books. I went to IADT and studied web design and development but had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. After about another year or so, I started another college to study art but had to drop out again after only one month because cancer was found in my right lung and had to have surgery. I am fine now and there is no sign of cancer. Thank God! So, now I am teaching art at the Senior Center in Dawsonville, GA and have about 20 students. Why not check out my web site and have fun viewing my artwork. If you would like painting of a favorite photo, contact me and we I will do my best to please you in what you are looking for, or if you like one or more of my paintings, they are available in prints only. Thank you for your visit. Hope you had a good time and God Bless.

This is my latest work inspired by the beautiful north Georgia mountains

Well, it is winter now and there are still lots of beautiful things to paint.  Birds and the colors of nature are great things to paint as well as the land with beautiful snow or if you live in the sunny south, there is the ocean.  I haven’t painted any ocean scenes this year and I don’t know if I will have the time as I am getting commissions and for work from photos so I will be showing them as I finish each one.    Take a look at my work and I hope you enjoy the paintings.  Have fun.  God Bless